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September 1, 2023

Author: Venugopal Chepur

The Power of Whole Persons for A Transformational Culture

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of business, building a thriving organizational culture is more critical than ever. When organizations go beyond skilling and help employees evolve, they begin to create a culture of ‘whole persons’.

A culture that embraces the concept of ‘whole persons’ where individuals continuously evolve both professionally and spiritually.

This holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

Embracing ‘Whole Persons’

At the core of the concept lies the recognition that employees are not just productivity galvanizers; they are multidimensional beings with aspirations, values, and beliefs that extend beyond their professional lives.
This begins with imparting fortitudes of strengths in foundational acumen and self-awareness. Combined, these strengths manifest a professional POISE in employees for connecting with the future of learning and work. Celebrating such a poise or uniqueness of individuals encourages their harmonious social interactions and collaboration.

Enabling Learning Agility, Adaptability and Transformation
The art of harnessing strengths for learning, curiosity, exploring and versatility, unwittingly has genesis in foundational acumen. Foundational essentials, a comprehensive acumen aligned ecosystem enables contextualization and rational thinking, motivates people to learn and participate, solve problems and create value. This prepares learners for the daily grind of value chain activities and maximizes their potential by improving learning agility, resilience, and adaptability.

Enabling Accountability, Authenticity and Open Communication Accountability and resilience need the highest self. Self-Awareness is the most organic way of developing accountability in any organization. The culture of whole persons encourages employees to take ownership of their actions and decisions.

They hold themselves accountable for their contributions and their impact on the organization.

Furthermore, authenticity becomes a hallmark of the culture, where individuals are encouraged to be true to themselves, fostering trust and open communication.
These strengths should be culturally embedded, along with skilling efforts, regardless of the organization’s size, market agility and limitations.

Then, such a culture fosters adaptability, collaboration with open communication, and co-creation of value with sustainability, and growth.

TrainedArrow: Empowering Your Workforce for Success
At TrainedArrow, we believe in the transformative power of nurturing ‘whole persons’ within your organization, helping your workforce evolve, adapt, and lead fulfilling careers with professional success and spiritual wellness.

Our mission is to helping workforce evolve, adapt, and lead fulfilling careers with a focus on professional and spiritual wellness.

Let us partner with you to build a transformative culture that unleashes the full potential of your workforce and drives lasting success.

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