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Building adaptable workforce – Demystified!

Prepare the now and future employees

Evolve, Adapt, Enable Change, and pursue Career Fulfillment!

Why choose ChangeAhead

Most organizations endure a chronic limitation in the workforce readiness to transform due to the lack of Learning agility, Collaborative mindset, and Adaptability in their workforce. We have designed ChangeAhead™ to build fortitudes to support these strengths.  

TrainedArrow™ has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Career Training firms in 2019 by Silicon India Magazine.
Find out how ChangeAhead™ will prepare your workforce to become change enablers!

Empowering Concept

Empowering Concept

Fortifications that build a professional poise in the employees to help evolve with the changing nature of value, future of learning and work.


Employers expectations

Learn & Unlearn

Learn and unlearn many popular (mis)conceptions about business & technology terms to adjust and adapt to transitioning through many roles and responsibilities.


career resilience

Change Enablers

Evolve from a routinized mindset to a resourceful and adaptable mindset; contextualize business and technology situations to support and enable change and transformation.



Quick and Easy, Usable Content

Simple, lucid examples, analogies, and narratives through explanatory animated videos, interactive sessions, and learning advice for use in the daily grind of value chain activities.



Online and Classroom

The course is available online, for learning at one’s own pace. Classroom setup is available upon request. Add it too as a simultaneous program with an existing employee training schedule.


Proven Course

Proven Course

Hundreds of professionals with varying academic backgrounds,  roles and work experiences from multiple industries have enhanced and enriched for the past 12 years.


A transformational approach to people development.

Capabilities and Outcomes

to expect from your employees.

Learning Agility, Resilience, Collaborative Mindset and Adaptability!

Participate in problem-solving and value creation

Contextualize business challenges to find solutions to co-create value in the daily grind of value chain activities.

Cope with transitions in the face of reorganizations and disruptions

Gain clarity on processes and workflows, understand changing responsibilities and emotional challenges to adjust to contribute through role transitions.

Engage and lead change and
business transformational

Develop a professional poise for connecting with the changing nature of value; learn new skills and adapt to perform in new business and technology environments.


Pursue learning and professional journey, including transitions, to seek a fulfilling career with higher purpose for life.


Employees comment on their preparedness as a change-enabler through a personal survey and create a personal note of ideation: How I can contribute to business transformation and growth.


Accept new areas of professional challenge, emerge as a contributor, valued employee, and a promising growth enabler!

Our Research and Design

Our course and curriculum represent many years of research and work with hundreds of graduates, interns, and employees for over a decade. As we coached both online and offline, from recent graduates to mid-career professionals to senior managers and leaders, our experiences and insights gleaned have shaped our programs to bridge the gap and help become change-enablers and find career fulfillment.

ChangeAhead™ is a comprehensive course to boost professional preparedness with Learning Agility, Resilience, and Adaptability, and support Career Fulfillment with a higher purpose and well-being; ChangeAhead™ maps acumen to support most business environments, varying disciplines in multiple industries.

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