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From Industry Leaders

Linda M Fonner

CFO, Phillips & Cohen Associates, Wilmington, DE, USA

ChangeAhead has prepared our diverse finance workforce with a common level of acumen and intellect. The real impact has been their enhanced adaptability - it was amazing to see personal notes from my team on how they can help transform our business. I highly recommend it to any business for elevating employees to support transformation and sustained growth.

Ram Srivastav

President, Al-Shirawi Equipment Co. UAE

Employees embrace the value and change ahead! All managers who took the course appreciated the opportunity to learn through this easy to use platform. They found the content very useful. It bridged a gap in knowledge that they were not necessarily aware of. This course can turn employees into knowledge workers. They develop awareness and commitment to creating value in whatever they do. This is an amazing change. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to any employer who wants to make a difference to their employees and to their business.

Sreedeep Shankaran Nair

Managing Director, Rolls Royce

“TrainedArrow courses impart transformational learning and excellent value to build the much-needed foundational and transcendental strengths to be accountable, resilient, and adaptable. Highly recommend TrainedArrow to L&D Leaders to add them to their stack for talent development.”

Tariq Al-Satmi

CEO, Bassma Training Services, Masqat, OMAN

“TrainedArrow™ courses, English and Arabic versions are excellent for Emiratisation – both for Colleges and Businesses. Because the ultimate evaluation of any learning course is how much of what you have learned stays with you. How much you use it in your daily life. These courses make learning hard subjects so quick and easy. I have used aspects of this course pretty much on a daily basis ever since. I wholeheartedly recommend these courses throughout the MENA region and particularly the GCC countries.”

Donato Marinari

Former CEO, VERIZON Information Services, Advisor to Company Boards, USA

A great course, a clear value creator that is so much needed for the workforce today.

Carol Robbins

Former CEO and Chairman, Dryden Wealth Worldwide.

High-impact course! I know that corporates highly value employees who come with a combination of business-IT well roundedness, because they act like business owners. Mindful of how Business makes money and the importance of keeping customers happy, then how they work becomes an integral contribution to the business. I reviewed the TrainedArrow courses and believe that they impart such knowledge and provides for such market advantage to the candidates.

From Project Management Professionals

From our learners, ChangeAhead™

Sam Bridger

LONDON, UK, [email protected]

What I have learnt from the ChangeAhead course help me professionally and personally, every day. Thanks for the wonderful course.

Ted Whitmer

Marketing & Communications Professional, Pennsylvania, USA

The course is unique as it merges practical business concepts and approaches with a refresher on life skills. There is a definite connection. It is a user-friendly course. Each session builds upon the last. It’s a fun, engaging class–one that you don’t realize how much you are learning until it’s over and the information stays with you.


Al-Shirawi group, UAE

Real Change Ahead! The overall excellent design of the course. Instructions are very clear on how to get started in online and where to find various components of the course. The videos, posts, and activities make it so easy to fit the course around your work. Sign in whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Feature for hold/resume course at any point of time is excellent and best suited for our job structure.


Al Shirawi group, UAE

Excellent! One of its kind. Learning is actually an experience with so many easy examples and analogies that helped me understand and retain the knowledge forever!

John Rubino

Senior Vice President, FinTech., USA

“Occasionally, something enters our life that alters us so profoundly that it transforms us from the inside out. Transformational learning helped me emerge from perceived limitations and visualize business acumen concepts that immensely enhanced my professional development, resiliency, and adaptability to change. I would wholeheartedly recommend ChangeAhead course to every employer to incorporate into their required curriculum throughout their organization.”


Al Shirawi group, UAE

Very Apt for changing ahead! The course has really helped me to understand a lot about the way we need to look forward and be an active member of the organisation in adapting and changing to the day to day challenges ahead!!! It also helped me understand different terminologies used in the corporate world and their correct meanings & proper use of them in the context.

From our learners, LearnAhead™

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