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Bridge the gap between College and Career!

Prepare students with industry agnostic approach for

Employability • Learning Agility • Marketability • Career resilience

Why choose LearnAhead™

75% of Graduates and budding professionals lack employability to win jobs, unable to meet employer expectations, endure transitions, and lead fulfilling careers!

We have created LearnAhead™ to solve this problem.

It is proven, for over a decade, that LearnAhead™ acts as an ‘invaluable anchor’ for students to lead a fulfilling career – poised to find and create both job and entrepreneurial opportunities with the potential to shape the world around them. 

Empowering Concept

Empowering Concept

"Teaching how to fish will help find food for lifetime!”. The job-and-career centric preparation will help win jobs and adapt to changing job markets, evolve as entrepreneurs to lead fulfilling careers!


Employers expectations

Employers’ Expectations

Prepare to navigate the workplace with an inquiring mind, seek guidance, and network as needed to meet employers’ expectations.



Quick and Easy, Usable Content

Simple, lucid examples, analogies, and narratives through explanatory animated videos, interactive sessions, and learning advice will help easy recall and practical use.


career resilience

Career Resilience

Prepare students with a professional poise, a positive and constructive mindset that breeds resilience to endure temporary setbacks and to pursue the next level of personal and professional growth.



Online and Classroom

The course is available online for learning at one’s own pace. Classroom set up is available upon request. Also add it as a simultaneous program/service with existing career training schedule.


Proven Course

Proven Course

Hundreds of graduates and budding professionals with varying academic backgrounds from multiple cultures globally have been benefited from the course for the past 16 years.


TrainedArrow has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Career Training firms in 2019 by Silicon India Magazine.
Find out why LearnAhead is your best bet to boost career resilience in graduates.

Prepare your graduates with LearnAhead

A transformational approach to enable

Employability, Learning Agility and Career Resilience

LearnAhead™ course is designed to impart competencies to:

Become more employable

Emerge as credible, business-ready employable candidate armed with interviewing skills, knowledge of business-technology commercial essentials, and ready for further skilling as and if needed by potential employers.

Meet employer expectations

Transform graduates and jobseekers into business-ready professionals to deliver on-the-job and move across functional roles, make valuable contributions to employers.

Adapt, manage career transitions

Build agility to learn competitive skills, enhance professional competences to find potential opportunities ahead, and pivot for future employability including pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Lead with a higher purpose for life!

Aspire and connect routine work with a higher purpose with a more purpose-driven path that shapes personality and career grounded in fulfillment and reflects the authentic self!

Our Research and Design

At, we have researched, trained, and surveyed hundreds of students and budding professionals and identified the foundational strengths and behaviors that prepare them for getting gainfully employed and do well on the job, and lead fulfilling careers with resilience and higher purpose.

We have  designed LearnAhead™ course to kindle confidence; and map acumen to support for most career paths.

Get a Certificate of Completion

LearnAhead Certificate of Completion


What our students say

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