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Focused but closed to life

A few years ago, I had sent an email to a friend of mine, called up and left a voicemail, which contained a request to chat.  If everything worked out well, I had an offer for him to invest in or join up forces with a start-up. The guy never responded.  He ignored my attempts […]

Words of assurance to abhor and beware!

I WILL LOOK INTO IT… OK… You have heard this line time and again.I have always wondered how much committed is a person when somebody said “I’ll look into it” and what and when to expect of any results based on such an assurance? Over the years, I have heard quite a few say this […]

Want the job innerview yourself!

Alright, you have a job interview to prepare for. There is a lot of good advice all over – online, books, friends, and from career coaches asking you to do a ton of things – do your homework, look up the hiring manager on LinkedIn, read about the company, get your attire right, wear an […]

Yogic leadership!

As a child, I came across the famous saying “Attitude determines altitude”. As a business professional, I came across “emotional intelligence” (first by Daniel Goleman in .…/his 1995 book) that found a link between a high degree of emotional intelligence, which includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill and measurable business results. Then through […]

Cleanse your heart to claim your part

I had this dream once … A group of people prayed to god that He served food to them everyday. God agreed. So all the people sat in rows, and god began serving them bread. Strange as it seemed, each one would get different types and quantities of bread, and a few wouldn’t get any […]

Breaking strength of love!

A love story. I came across this story a few years ago and saved it on my computer, Unfortunately, being in a hurry, I forgot to capture the author’s name in a hurry. So I apologize and regret for not being able to give the credit to whom it belongs, but sincerely thank for the […]

Thrifty three questions to happy shopping!

Thrifty Three Questions!Are you Saving, Spending or Splurging?Never mind, you now have simple thrifty three questions that can help! America’s best-known aphorism about thrift, as Ben Franklin said “a penny saved is a penny earned.” But American economy, by little choice now, and Americans, by their habits, have been caught up in a helpless and […]