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Preparing talent for the future of work:
A transformational approach

With the rapid pace of change in today’s business environment, the attitudes and preparedness your talent needs are changing. And the secret sauce of talent development lies in strengthening people to evolve, enable change and find fulfillment in their professional pursuits. Talent development, then, must become self-sustaining as the Agile minds team up with emerging business models. […]

Employee development for transformation

Organizations commit to transformation and some also claim they have an “employee-first” policy. Yet, the real development to transform the workforce is a far cry. Why?Most organizations map their headcount to a number of future skills for re-training and certifications and conveniently view it as employee development. The emphasis usually is on tools for transformation […]

How to boost career resilience
in graduates

Research consistently shows a gap between what students learn in college and what employers seek in their employees for today’s global economy. Whatever the reasons for this lacuna, graduates should be sufficiently prepared to enter the workplace with appropriate knowledge and adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace. Filling this gap between college and career will not come […]

The pandemic and moment of truth
with your cloud strategy!

The pandemic is changing the trajectory of every business and every walk of life! It is changing business models that fail to pivot toward a new normal – driven by remote work, social distancing, shorter value chains, and use of emerging technologies. Many companies still remain groping and vulnerable to being myopic with their strategic […]

The pandemic and path forward

The Carona virus pandemic has changed our lives in multiple ways. Initially, it was anxiety, then fear, and adjustment followed by adherence to guidelines, and so on. But along the way, it is also disrupting to create a ‘new normal’. Yes. New normal. But little do we know yet what and how’s that going to […]

How strategy suffers

Strategy! We hear this word multiple times in our daily professional lives and pretty much everywhere. We also hear experts say that strategy suffers largely owing to faulty or suboptimal ways of execution – the usual “strategy vs execution” complaint. But, I have always been surprised by how strategy suffers in so many other ways […]

Resources you need in the cloud
to be the game changer!

Cloud – the opportunity and the challenge! A short and fun read … There is a new type of car in the market – call it CLOUD, modern with state-of-the-art technology capabilities. It is designed as a racing car too. And businesses have been told that they need to get in the car for their […]

The one “I”​ for leaders

Leaders must have three qualities to lead: unwavering integrity, ability to inspire, and a profound sense of insight. I’ve seen quite a few leaders lead with the first two, yet few pursued the third and perhaps the most relevant “I” of the three ‘I’s to help their own transformation: insight. Even if some did, their narrative stopped at […]

Make every employee a change enabler

A few years ago, I read this profound saying “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men and women to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry This advice made me think how boat building isn’t […]

When customers serve you!

What is the true untold reward you can give to your family and friends? First and foremost by understanding them so well that you can forgive them when they say or do something that is usually unacceptable. That’s when they appreciate the benefits of their relationship with you for being so well-understood, perhaps, adored. The […]