The tough doesn’t get going
when the going gets tough!

When the going gets tough, what do the tough do? We all think we know what they would do. We have all heard this saying time and again “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! “, and readily agree that the tough would get going. But we seldom try to see a different […]

Digital verity

Being digital presupposes business in a amphitheatre of action in which customers with their roles, environments and constantly changing human imaginations play their part. The limits of imagination may get revisited with every transaction, and most definitely allow your customers to indulge in self-satisfied celebration many times more than ever. Here are some of my […]

Focused but closed to life

A few years ago, I had sent an email to a friend of mine, called up and left a voicemail, which contained a request to chat.  If everything worked out well, I had an offer for him to invest in or join up forces with a start-up. The guy never responded.  He ignored my attempts […]

Words of assurance to abhor and beware!

I WILL LOOK INTO IT… OK… You have heard this line time and again.I have always wondered how much committed is a person when somebody said “I’ll look into it” and what and when to expect of any results based on such an assurance? Over the years, I have heard quite a few say this […]

Are we civil enough

If you smile at someone, it will not bring peace to some troubled war zone. If you are kind to a stranger, it will not heal the sick or feed the hungry in the world. But, perhaps, if not directly and immediately, it will make a difference somewhere in someone’s life. As they say, even […]

Want the job innerview yourself!

Alright, you have a job interview to prepare for. There is a lot of good advice all over – online, books, friends, and from career coaches asking you to do a ton of things – do your homework, look up the hiring manager on LinkedIn, read about the company, get your attire right, wear an […]

App(le)s and appetite for business model

I was talking with my friend John, and he casually said, “Venu, I have put our team dinner photos on our fridge!” and I see them every day”. “You stuck them to the fridge? they were so many, and perhaps all over the fridge, no wonder you don’t miss us?” I said affectionately. “No, my […]

Big data, aha!

Big data means more information – more information with the additional objective of providing it at a greater speed than before. We already complain that we suffer from too much data and while failing to use it effectively. So, big data alone isn’t necessarily the answer to a more successful outcome. There are many challenges with […]

Yogic leadership!

As a child, I came across the famous saying “Attitude determines altitude”. As a business professional, I came across “emotional intelligence” (first by Daniel Goleman in .…/his 1995 book) that found a link between a high degree of emotional intelligence, which includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill and measurable business results. Then through […]

Real value from business transformation!

Many organizations that attempt to transform their business, follow the business-IT alignment path to shape business capabilities to match market dynamics; mostly with a plan to manage it with the rigor of program or project management discipline, avoid time delays, cost over-runs, or even if they find earned value through the efforts. This is perhaps […]