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Leadership Redefined: Insights from the ChangeAhead Program

Last week, as I was coaching a group of young professionals in our ChangeAhead program, a profound realization about leadership emerged. Often, we see leadership as a position, a title, or a privilege. However, during our session, we delved deeper into the true essence of leadership, uncovering that its roots lie in self-awareness and being […]


Navigate the Job Market: Guide to Becoming Highly Employable

Introduction In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving job market, understanding the concept of ’employability’ is more crucial than ever. But what exactly is employability, and how can you enhance it to secure and excel in your dream job? Let’s delve into this vital topic and explore practical steps you can take to become a top contender […]


Building Career Resilience for Graduates in a Rapidly Changing Job Market

As graduates step into the #workforce, they face a landscape marked by constant change and unexpected challenges. To help them succeed, it’s essential to boost their career resilience. Here are some invaluable tips for doing just that: 1. Encourage Learning Foundational Acumen One of the first steps in building career resilience is to help graduates […]


Nurturing Employees to Evolve: The Foundation of Success!

Workforce development is about creating an environment that lets them evolve. It’s about fostering a culture with a fusion of foundational acumen and self-awareness: where employees grow resilient, adaptive, authentic and accountable, and feel free to pursue their aspirations with a higher purpose. EMPLOYEE DIAGNOSTICS CHARACTERISTICS TO WATCH OUT – Lack of Foundational Acumen– Little […]