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August 1, 2017

Author: Venugopal Chepur

The tough doesn’t get going
when the going gets tough!

When the going gets tough, what do the tough do? We all think we know what they would do. We have all heard this saying time and again “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! “, and readily agree that the tough would get going. But we seldom try to see a different perspective in reality. The truly tough are too smart to ‘exhaust’ them by responding to a tiresome challenge. The really tough think that they don’t need to flex their muscles, and would stay calm and patient until something the seemingly tough challenge reveals itself to be soft, simple and easy to get at.

Remember the old story when David the shepherd boy defeated Goliath, the giant warrior. David was so small and weak physically against the big Goliath that everyone thought David would lose and die in the dual fight. But David was a real tough guy who thought through the combat possibilities and results. He never set himself for improving muscles to match Goliath’s, rejected a big weapon that was offered because it was too huge to handle, but created a ‘sling shot’ that he used to hit Goliath and killed him before the Goliath could even reach him.

I am often reminded of the movie “The Godfather” for the importance of being tough when necessary but wait until the situation to get soft to attack! Vito Corleone allows a few moments of patience and understanding  his enemy, takes out Sunny when found emotional and executes the job meticulously. It’s important to play to win. But it is more important to retain your business with integrity, and have respect for competition, but seize opportunities to eliminate odds to win.”

In daily life momentary struggles too, it’s better to give yourself the opportunity to regain your composure and get ahead. Not making headway on that proposal you need to write? Struggling to make a headway? Remember the “ten-minute rule?” Take a walk. During the break, don’t think of new strategies or arguments. Breathe well and enjoy the nature around – of bushes, birds and sun shade dancing over the window and those little somethings. By taking yourself out of the situation, you allow your brain to rest so that when you return with a fresh perspective and a calm mind you are more likely to find a new solution.

So don’t rush with courage in tough situations. Stay tuned to the possibilities, yet be unplugged consciously to the desire to react. Wait for the right moment to act in time to succeed!

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