"Cleanse your heart to claim your part"

I had this dream once … A group of people prayed to god that He served food to them everyday. God agreed. So all the people sat in rows, and god began serving them bread. Strange as it seemed, each one would get different types and quantities of bread, and a few wouldn’t get any at all. So one man complained when his turn came and passed without receiving his share. God said, “I wanted to give you some, but look at your plate. It is so dirty, I couldn’t drop you bread in there. Bring it clean and I will give you sumptuously”.
I woke up and understood that god was referring to a clean heart when he spoke of the man’s plate, and the need for it to be clean before he could claim his share of bread. This is so true when it comes to being rewarded in life. In Hindi we say “apna mann saaf rakho!, translate it as “keep your heart clean (of malice)!”
Have we ever thought if we ever deserved what we already have in our possession? Haven’t we taken things for granted? Alright, let us assume that we deserved what we already have owing to our past good karma. If so, why can’t we consider this simple equation to commit to more good deeds to claim more? Why do we clamor for more personal needs when we do little to help those around us who have less and need more? Kind thoughts and well wishes can have great meaning to those in need. Is jealousy and its negative impact the easiest way for us to escape the sharing of good will? If the elimination of jealousy were replaced with a kind and grateful heart, would we be a more loving society where there are only winners and no losers?
Also known as ARISHADVARGA, the six passions of mind or desire:
1. kama — lust
2. krodha — anger
3. lobh — greed
4. moha — delusive, emotional attachment
5. mada or ahankara — pride, hubris
6. matsarya — envy, jealousy
Ref: Sankaracharya Granthavali, Basumati publication (Volume 3)
So “cleanse your heart to claim your part — of life, peace and joy!”

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