Why ChangeAhead™

There is an imminent need to change and transform the business.

As a leader, you want your workforce to change and enable transformation.

Because …

Markets are evolving. You need to stay competitive.

Customers are changing. You need to continuously understand to serve and create value for them.

Adaptability has always been a challenge. You need to prepare the workforce to navigate big transitions to succeed.

And you know …

Future belongs to those who work with learning agility, adapt, and evolve along to enable change and transformation!


ChangeAhead™ course is based on the profound and proven concept that foundational acumen together with knowledge of business imperatives and career fulfillment is at the heart of a professional’s ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments and lead transformation. ​The course unlocks employee potential by imparting acumen that works as ‘recesses of the mind’ to harness for introspection, learning agility,  value creation, resilience, and adaptability.


The course has a holistic curriculum to impart fast-track learning in …

  • Business Essentials – Models, Terms and Analyses of the Business World
  • Business – Information Technology Essentials – Business Value through Integration, Apps, and Platforms
  • Value, Value Creation for Business
  • Enabling Change and Transformation
  • Career Fulfillment and Higher Purpose for Life!

So, the course imparts foundational strengths that manifest Learning Agility, Professional Resilience, and Adaptability in the daily grind of value chain activities that can help contextualize business to find and create value, evolve, adapt and enable change and transformation.

Constructive outcomes …

  • Ability to participate in problem-solving and value creation
  • Ability to learn new skills, adapt contemporary business-technologies
  • Ability to cope with transitions: Change, Reorg, Transformation, and Disruption
  • Ability to find and lead a career with fulfillment and a higher purpose for life!
  • Personal survey on employee preparedness as a change-enabler upon learning from the course
  • A personal note of ideation from Employee to the Employer: How I can contribute to business transformation


The course is designed for quick and easy learning. It is a 7-hour online course, self-paced, animated videos with simple, explanatory, and contemporary examples and analogies for experiential learning. There are 23 video lessons, and each lesson ends up in a quiz and learning advice to reinforce the concepts learned. Also, includes a survey for employee preparedness and contributions for change and transformation ahead!

Gift it to your employees … and Make every employee a change enabler!

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