Boost Career Resilience
in Graduates

Prepare your graduates with LearnAhead™:
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  • Become more employable
  • Prepare to meet employer expectations
  • Adapt to new opportunities and manage career transitions
  • Stay marketable and resilient in the face of future disruptions
  • Develop a career and lead with a higher purpose for life!

Empowering Concept

“Teach a man to fish, and you’ve given food for a lifetime.” The future belongs to those who prepare ahead to learn, adapt and evolve with changing opportunities. The curriculum is designed to help graduates for leading fulfilling careers.

Employers’ Expectations

The curriculum is aimed at developing graduates and interns to navigate into the workplace, without any prior work experience, and meet employers’ expectations, build an inquiring mind to seek guidance for help, and network as needed.

Career Resilience

Designed to develop professional preparedness for staying marketable, productive networking, and pursuing alternative career paths including entrepreneurial opportunities.

TrainedArrow™ has been recognized as one of the  Top 10 Career Training firms in 2019 by Silicon India Magazine.
Find out why LearnAhead™ is your best bet to boost career resilience in graduates.

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Our Research and Design

At, we have researched, trained, and surveyed hundreds of students and young professionals and identified the foundational strengths that prepare them for getting gainfully employed and do well on the job, and lead careers with resilience.

We have designed LearnAhead™ course to kindle confidence; and map acumen to support for most career paths.

Quick and Easy Content

Imparts the acumen with simple, lucid examples, analogies, and narratives through animated videos with Interactive sessions and Learning Advice for quick-and-easy learning and usability.

Proven Course

Hundreds of graduates and young professionals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds have benefited from this course worldwide, for the past 14 years. They have been gainfully employed and leading successful careers!

Online and Classroom setup

The course is available online and needs no exclusive setup. Classroom setup is also available upon request. Also can embed this course as a simultaneous program with an existing training calendar.

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