Embark on a Journey of Learning Agility, Collaborative Mindset, and Adaptability.

A transformational Course, so profound that it will empower your Workforce to be future-ready!

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What Makes ChangeAhead™ Unique?

Our course and curriculum are the result of extensive research and collaboration with a diverse range of individuals. 

Over the course of a decade, we have worked with hundreds of graduates, interns, and employees, coaching them both online and offline. 

This wide-ranging experience has allowed us to refine and shape our programs to effectively bridge the gap between where professionals are and where they aspire to be. 

Our goal is to empower participants to become change enablers and achieve career fulfillment.


Where Knowledge Meets Proficiency- How ChangeAhead™ Works?

Employees must cultivate a mindset that unlocks this value for the JOB, the ORGANIZATION, and their PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL WELL-BEING.

Empowering Concept

Empowering Concept

ChangeAhead™ goes beyond traditional skill-building. We elevate your employees to yearn for co-creating value and embrace the future of learning, adaptability, and spiritual wellness. By fostering a collaborative mindset and promoting learning agility, we prepare your workforce to lead change within your organization.

Employers expectations

Employer's Expectations

In today’s dynamic environment, it is crucial to learn and unlearn popular (mis)conceptions about business and technology. ChangeAhead™ helps your employees adjust and adapt to transitioning roles and responsibilities, enabling them to become change enablers and support your organization’s growth.

career resilience

Career Resilience

Our course empowers participants to evolve from a routinized mindset to a resourceful and adaptable one. Through contextualizing business and technology situations, your employees will develop the resilience necessary to navigate change and transformation effectively.


Quick and Easy, Usable Content

ChangeAhead™ delivers knowledge through simple, lucid examples, analogies, and narratives. Our explanatory animated videos, interactive sessions, and learning advice are designed to be easily applied in the daily grind of value chain activities, ensuring quick and practical implementation.


Online and Classroom

We understand the diverse needs of organizations. ChangeAhead™ offers flexible learning options. Participants can access the course online at their own pace. Additionally, upon request, we can set up classroom sessions to accommodate your existing employee training schedule.

Proven Course

Proven Course

ChangeAhead™ has a track record of success. Over the past 12 years, hundreds of professionals from various industries, roles, and backgrounds have enhanced their skills and enriched their careers through our program. Join our community of successful change enablers.


What Can We Offer You?

Corporate Training

1:1 sessions

Offline / Online Group Courses

Guest seminars

Meet Venugopal Chepur, founder of TrainedArrow™

Venugopal Chepur is an accomplished global executive, and a sought-after advisor and board member known for his exceptional ability to drive business growth through digital transformation, workforce development, and organizational strategy. With a remarkable track record of success working for world-class organizations and building two businesses from the ground up, Mr. Chepur offers deep insights into business building and a spiritual outlook on life.

As the founder of Samprad, a CXO advisory firm, he is recognized for his expertise in digital transformation and growth strategy. He also founded, where he created L&D programs via TrainedArrow™ with a profound transformational approach to preparing the workforce with essential foundational strengths and life skills. He has coached and mentored over 900 graduates (pro-bono) and advised 7 start-ups globally

He has completed leadership courses from Cornell and IBM, holds an MBA in Marketing & Finance, MS in Biology & Economics, and is a certified professional in IBM and Microsoft technologies, making him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

Mr. Chepur is a firm believer in continuous learning and giving back to society, dedicating his time and energy to mentoring graduates and advising non-profit organizations. 

His unwavering commitment to leading with humility, his exceptional talents, and his passion for making a positive impact on the world make him an impressive and inspiring person to associate with.

ChangeAhead™ Transforms your Workforce. How?

Learning Agility

They will acquire the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new situations and challenges, enabling them to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business landscape.


Our program equips participants with the mindset and tools to navigate role transitions, organizational changes, and emotional challenges with clarity and confidence.

Collaborative Mindset

Your employees will develop a strong collaborative mindset, enabling them to contribute effectively to problem-solving and value-creation activities within the value chain.


ChangeAhead™ prepares participants to embrace new skills, technologies, and business environments, empowering them to engage and lead change and business transformation.

Career Fulfillment

By pursuing continuous learning and embracing professional growth opportunities, your employees will find career fulfillment and a higher purpose in their professional journey.


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Career Resilience Speak

Guest-Speak-CEO Exec Conference, UAE


Career Resilience Speak

Guest-Speak-CEO Exec Conference, UAE


LearnAhead™ Career Resilience Speak



LearnAhead™ Career Resilience Speak


Discovery Call

Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss how ChangeAhead™ can transform your organization.

Mr. Chepur will guide you through the program, tailor it to your specific needs, and address any questions you may have.